Enable 4 Columns of Tiles on Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile has been a welcome release for existing proud (certain) Lumia phone-owners such as myself.

With it comes plenty of new features and improvements including available of Universal Windows Apps (built on UWP), Windows 10 action center, improved base apps and more customisation options.

After playing with the settings on my Lumia 735 I've settled with using 4 columns of tiles as opposed to the default 3. To be honest I don't think this would be recommended by Microsoft due to the size and resolution of this screen, however I'm blessed with good eyesight and love being able to cram all that extra information on my screen at one time.

Enabling 4 Columns of Tiles

Here are the steps for enabling 4 columns of tiles on any Windows Mobile 10 device:

  1. Go to settings, system, display, and set "size of text, apps and items on this display" to 175%.

  2. After the phone has restarted, go to settings, personalisation, start, and enable "show more tiles".

That's it!

Impressive Unity

It's impressive to see the same GUI and functionality as in the 'desktop version' of Windows 10 appear when you use these settings. For example the task view shown below is identical, and the Universal Apps display identically as on the desktop due to the shared code.

Improved Task View when using these settings

I like to make use of the widest tile sizes where possible with configuration, and with some tile improvements on the way with future updates let's hope Microsoft continues to impress.

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